About the Founder: Francine Marchelle

Francine Marchelle

What I have learned during my journey to attain a doctoral level degree is that I was unprepared in my early years of education to understand the significance of researching ideas before implementing them.

·I also realized that I was not alone in feeling like more could have happened in my early years of education to prepare me.

·Working with youth for many decades now, I realize that young people being prepared for knowledge with understanding, critical thinking, and wisdom yet goes lacking as youth grow into college or workforce careers.

·Further, I believe the arts is the way for allowing research to live beyond the pages of information”.

·I am committed to educating youth in research and arts.

·Our current societal climate begs us to offer the skills of fact-finding and critical thinking to our children!

·“If you do not know where you came from you will not understand your journey.” – Francine Marchelle