The "Achievement Retro Awards" concept is the brainchild of Francine Marchelle who in 1999 had the idea of helping youth engage in learning research through a project of seeking people, regardless of age, living or not, who have never been recognized for their achievements. It is intended to be an intergenerational culture-centered education and arts research project that culminates into an awards show for unsung creators of good


Achievement Retro Awards is about recognizing and connecting our history with the present by honoring achievements of people who have never been formally recognized through research and artistic presentation done by youth ages 5-17.


Promote educating youth ages 5-17 in research and arts skills to recognize adults who have never been awarded for their positive contributions in society in order to create artistic works that represent unsung creators of good to culminate in an awards ceremony honoring both the youth researcher and the person subject of the youth’s research.

·Train Youth in Research and Arts Skills

·Develop Intergenerational Relationships

·Promote Arts Production For:

People who have never been awarded for their work

People who have never won any formal award for their positive contribution to society (small or large).


Youth will learn from Francine Marchelle, a leader in the field of education to do biographical research based on Academic Learning Standards and how to produce art based on Fine Arts Education Standards. Each youth will be provided with guidance for doing basic research and be assigned a research coach who… will connect with them weekly to assist with their progress. In addition, each youth will be assigned an art coach who will, beginning in January, work with them to produce an artistic presentation of their research whether the presentation be in the form of audio, video, still, or performance art.